Become a member and participate by purchasing KempenStroomDelen

Membership Coöperatie KempenStroom U.A.
If you become a member of Cooperation KempenStroom U.A. you can then participate financially in the various projects that KempenStroom will set up.

You become a member by completing and sending the membership form, whereby you give permission for the one-time registration fee of € 30.00 to be debited from your account. See page Register for Membership..Each member of the one-time has 1 vote in the General Members Meeting where important decisions are made.

Anyone can become a member of KempenStroom Cooperation: residents directly surrounding the solar roofs, solar meadows or wind farms, but also other residents and companies from the KempenStroom operating area and beyond. The more members the stronger the KempenStroom cooperative! We ask for quite a bit of information when you register as a member of KempenStroom cooperation. We must request full identification because of supervision by the bank and the Authority Financial Markets. On the one hand, supervision is a burden. But above all, we value the protection of consumers and companies against abuse.

The address takes on special importance for projects for which we can apply for a subsidy linked to so-called 'postcode roses'.

We ask for the bank account number for the convenience of members. Members do not have to pay the registration fee themselves. We take care of that. The bank account number also becomes important when you participate in projects. We will credit interest and refunds to your account.

Participation, through the purchase of KempenStroomDelen
You can participate in KempenStroom and its projects by purchasing KempenStroomDelen. With the proceeds from KSD, the cooperation can realize sustainable projects.

For large projects that KempenStroom develops with other partners, we aim for 50% financing by the KempenStroom cooperation. A significant part of this comes from loans from the banks, the rest is collected through participation from the members of the KempenStroom cooperation. For smaller projects, such as solar roofs, the aim is 100% financing by KempenStroom. Zonnedak de Hoeve is 100% financed by cooperation KempenStroom.

One KempenStroomDeel costs € 100.00. As a member of KempenStroom, you decide how many KempenStroomDelen you want to purchase at a time. For each new project, a new participation round is organized for which you can register as desired. When issuing KSD, the cooperation ensures that all members have equal opportunities to obtain KSD.

Members can continue to participate in KempenStroom and its projects for as long as they wish. After the Zonnedak de Hoeve project, the cooperation will undertake other projects. KempenStroom ensures that after the depreciation period of the Zonnedak de Hoeve project, there is sufficient capital to repay the number of KempenStroomDelen of the emission for Zonnedak De Hoeve. Even at the end of the term of Zonnedak de Hoeve, a KempenStroomDeel is still worth € 100.00 each.

The return is paid out in the form of interest. The amount of interest is determined annually by the General Members Meeting on the proposal of the board, on the basis of the annual accounts. Similar initiatives from other cooperations show a return of 3 to 5%. Selling back KSD is only possible through the cooperation. Every year, the General Members Meeting determines the scope for reimbursement of KempenStroomDelen.

For KempenStroom's participation regulations, click HERE

KempenStroomDelen, further explanation:

  • KempenStroomDelen are suitable for those members who care about KempenStroom, its activities and working methods. KempenStroomDelen are not suitable for members who participate for pure gain and want to have access to their money at any time. A KempenStroomDeel is a long-term loan from a member to the Cooperation. KempenStroomDelen contribute to KempenStroom's risk-bearing capital, with which the cooperation invests in its own installations and in co-ownership of installations with third parties. KempenStroomDelen are issued at
    • The start-up of a new project.
    • If KempenStroomDelen are returned to the cooperation.
  • KempenStroomDelen are only issued when a project is ready to be executed, the so-called Financial Close. Then there is a concrete business case on the basis of which you can make a prediction about the return. At that point, KempenStroom will that it is a healthy project, a subsidy has been granted and a bank has provided a loan.
  • KempenStroomDelen have some special features:
    • interest is variable,
    • the term is indefinite,
    • the scope for interim reimbursement is limited.
  • KempenStroomDelen cannot be traded without the intervention of Cooperation KempenStroom. The holder of KempenStroomDelen is entitled to annual interest on the amount of his or her KempenStroomDelen. This interest is variable and is determined by the General Members Meeting (ALV).
  • KempenStroomDelen do not have a fixed end date and are therefore not automatically repaid. The amount raised by issuing KempenStroomDelen is invested in the development and construction of our own energy projects. These have a service life of approximately 15 to 25 years from commissioning.
  • Selling KempenStroomDelen back to the cooperation can be done in the following cases:
    • after depreciation of a project,
    • at the request of the participant
    • by means of a decision of the General Members Meeting (ALV)

    Every year it is decided at the General Members Meeting (ALV) what amount will be reserved for the repurchase of KempenStroomDelen, so all members decide on this.